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B&VIIT AI vision correction system can predict the most appropriate surgery option objectively based on 450,000 eyes data.

Recent Achievements

B&VIIT’s medical expertise has been proven by numerous awards and certifications, and it has been sharing through medical advises and lectures over the world more than 50 times since 2011.

COVID-19 Prevention

We will do our best to provide an environment in which all of patients, guardians, and staff can feel secure.

AI in Ophthalmology

AI adoption (what, how) AI is so ubiquitous these days that it is almost impossible to do anything without the assistance of an AI machine. What’s even more surprising is that we are not even aware how present AI is in our lives. From the videos we watch on YouTube and TikTok, to the moviesContinue reading “AI in Ophthalmology”

B&VIIT AI Report

We perceive over 80% of external information through our eyes. It is inevitable that poor vision would degrade quality of life. Neuroscientists report that the eyes play a crucial role in brain-related disease, including dementia, Parkinson’s disease, and autism. This would indicate that the organ that best represents the brain is the eye. Even toContinue reading “B&VIIT AI Report”


Successfully accomplished vision correction surgeries on over 450,000 eye for 26 years. The technology of cutting-edge lasers and B&VIIT’s expertise make the best surgical results, providing various vision correction surgery options for all ages, ranging from myopia control in adolescence through refractive cataract surgery in seniors.


B&VIIT Eye Center is truly the future of the ophthalmology industry.

Guy Kezirian, MD, MBA(Founder, RSA)

  • Received the ‘Representative Brand of Korea Award’ for 3 successive years.
  • Selected as a ‘Green Prescription Medical Clinic’ for providing only those treatments that are essential for our clients.
  • Received a citation from the President of Korea.
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B&VIIT Eye Center is an ultra-modern, Korea’s representative ophthalmic clinic. Consult with B&VIIT team of 11 ophthalmologists and 150 professional staff members for your perfectly-custom surgery plan.

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